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Surviving in Your Car

A college friend of mine and I were talking yesterday. Her daughter was giving her grief because she “stocks” the car during the winter. Warm hats, socks, gloves, blankets, food, etc. This is how I grew up – never leave the house during the winter without a half tank of gas, coffee cans (not plastic) with candles, matches, chocolate and nuts and everything you might need to survive in your car should you get stranded in the snow.

Now, perhaps in the age of cell phones and with areas being built up as they are, this may not seem necessary. But, if I go out on a meeting a distance outside of St. Louis and am wearing heels and a skirt and a “dressy” top, if something happens and I have to sit in a dead car waiting for a tow truck for an hour or two during bad weather – I’m sure going to be glad I have the hat, gloves, blankets, and heavy socks and boots to keep me warm in the mean time. As a rule, I tend to keep a few magazines or a book in the car in case I need to kill a little time before appointments. All of this takes very little space and could be a life saver if the worst happens.


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