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It is a cool crisp and wet morning here in St. Louis.  Summer has decidedly turn to fall.  I pulled my terry cloth bath robe on over my pajamas and sat with my coffee in the sun room this morning.  I love this time of year.  Most people I have talked with do.  At some point in almost every conversation this past week, the change in weather and how this is the favorite time of year has come out.  This morning, as I was sitting with my coffee, in my robe and pjs with the screen door between me and the outdoors, I thought about how difficult most change is for people – myself included – but the the change in season is almost always not only welcomed but celebrated.  Something to ponder as I drink more coffee, exchange the pjs for sweat pants and a long-sleeved tee… and robe, and relax, knowing that there is nothing so earth-shatteringly important to do outside that it need be done in the on-again, off-again rain.  I love those lazy days.


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