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Warm Gifts

Yesterday a friend of mine gave me a scarf she had just finished crocheting. Crocheting is a new activity for her – but the short scarf was very well made, and rather stylish. The best part… it was made from recycled soda bottles! She saved me the yarn wrapper to show me.

I remember as a child reading the Little House series. I couldn’t understand how the children could be excited about warm socks or a scarf. I now appreciate such things – especially when the gift is made or given because it really represents who I am. The scarf is so warm, it may never leave my neck.

Also, yesterday, I was given a small space heater. It had made its way to the church from the home of a member of the church who had recently died. In attempting to clean out the store room (so I could access items in it) I came across this heater. I asked the rector if she wanted it in her office (she freezes) – but she said her office was fine and didn’t want it – and she told me to take it if I could use it… and I can. I will close off my newly insulated office and be able to heat just the small space in which I spend so much of my time. All this in an attempt to reduce my carbon footprint.

Now, for those who may have followed my blog for a while may know, I keep the temp in my house in the low to mid 50’s during the winter. Most of my friends and chosen family know this about me, and while they give me grief for it and won’t visit during the colder months of the year, they also support this decision by passing along used warm socks and sweaters to wear. They know I appreciate the recycling factor involved in passing on clothing that one probably won’t wear again. Other than a few “personal” items and two blouses, I haven’t purchased any clothing for 5 years. This, quite frankly, is fine with me since I truly hate to shop!

This year the few gifts I do give will be much like other years: gift certificates for me to perform a task for the recipient. One friend specifically asked that his gift be a gift certificate to tear out all the old caulking on his tub, clean the area well and apply new caulking. In the past I’ve given gift certificates for landscaping or the crafting of a wooden bed frame and headboard.

If you can cook, a gift of a special meal is a wonderful gift, if you have music to share – share it.

Whatever holiday you may be celebrating during this last month of the year, have a joyous time and try and stay warm 🙂


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