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I have a very small laundry room (8′ x 10′) that also houses the hot water heater, the furnace, and what once was the electronic air cleaner (and now holds a 5″ air filter,) my washing machine and a large storage unit I (and friends) built a number of years ago. This room has also become a bit of a junk room.

Two years ago I started to work on this room. I tore out a closet (see before pic below) and began painting the room. It has been half painted for these two years.

Some friends and I built a large storage unit that is supposed to act as a folding/air drying table as well. It houses paint and other items that one normally finds in a utility room. The top never got tiled, and became another place to put junk.

To top it all off, the two layers of flooring have been coming up – some places just one layer, and in other places both layers.

So, I cleared the room and started painting. I decided to paint everything – wall, ceiling, pipes and ductwork – the same color so this small room wouldn’t look so busy. Cost for paint and painting supplies – $45.

Then, I began to peel up the linoleum and scrap off the floor tiles. Thankfully, these both came up pretty easy. The black substance is the glue.

Then I tiled the floor. Check out HOW TO… Tile a Floor for this tiling project. Cost for tile $0 (They were extras given to me by a friend – she got them for 25 cents a tile which would make the cost of the tiles I needed $50. You can probably find very inexpensive tiles for a small space off of Craig’s List or a salvage yard.) Cost for tiling supplies – $47. I could have probably gotten these cheaper on Craig’s list if I had thought about it.

Ta da…

I did some additional painting of pipes and behind things I didn’t think could be seen – but I discovered that they were visible.

I found some white gloss paint leftover from a previous project. I used that to paint the baseboards.

I then repaired the hole in the back wall, and placed wainscoting over the top as a decorative touch. I added molding to the top. I painting this the same color as the baseboards. The wainscoting and molding was a little over $26.

I also purchased inexpensive wall and shelf brackets. I already had shelves – given to me by a friend a few years ago. Cost of the shelf unit – $27.

Done. Total cost of the project was $145.

  • paint and painting supplies $45
  • tiling supplies $47 – and about half of that cost was for tools that can be reused.
  • wall repair $26
  • Shelf $27

I still need to tile the top of the storage unit, but I have the thin-set, grout and tools needed. I just don’t have enough floor tiles left, but I have lots of different colored single tiles and I may do a mosaic – or I may just go buy some basic white tiles to finish the project.





Yes, I am pleased!


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My Lenten challenge is to cook more (or, more specifically, learn to cook). Here are the last few days.

Day 1 (Wed, 2/25): I ate grilled cheese and tomato soup – bread, cheese and condensed soup all from the store for lunch. For dinner (sorry) microwave popcorn.

Day 2 (Thurs, 2/26): I put pig’s neck bones into the crock on low early in the am. After 7 hours I added the beans I had soaked and turned the crock on high. After 3 hours the beans didn’t appear to be getting any softer so I took the whole crock and dumped it into a soup pot and boiled the heck out of it for another 2 hours. 12 hours later – there was still a lot of meat on the bones. I added seasoning and some crushed tomatoes and ate. Not too bad, actually. But 12 hours? Maybe I just need to start in a huge stock pot and boil the heck out of the meat for several hours then add the beans and continue to boil. I froze three servings for future days.

Day 3 (Fri, 2/27): I had a craving for french onion soup – and thankfully I know how to make this, AND it is just three ingredients! Cut up large yellow onions into thin slices and cooked them in butter for ‘a while’. When the onions were the right texture for french onion soup (and if you’ve had it before, you know what that is) add several cans of beef broth. Num! I ate two servings.

The best part of all this… a friend told me the onions would cook a little faster if I added just a little sugar (which did seem to work, although I don’t know the science behind it). So, I pulled down my sugar container and found a chocolate bar I must have hid from myself many, many months ago. Yea chocolate!

Day 4 (Sat 2/28): A friend invited me over for lunch and he made this wonderful rice dish with shrimp and veggies. He and I will go out to where he gets this special type of rice and I will try and see if I can make it, too. It didn’t take long and was worth the effort. For dinner I ate the rest of my french onion soup.

Day 5 (Sun 3/1): For breakfast I fixed a spinach, swiss and tomato scramble. Lunch was a canned pasta meal (mostly eaten by children) and dinner was microwave popcorn. Of course, Sundays don’t count as part of Lent – so I’m off the hook on these last two.

OK – I made it through 5 days – and while I didn’t do a lot of cooking – it was certainly a lot more than I normally do. Progress not perfection. I’ll try and do better this week.

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